2011-12-18 -37 145

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Sun 18 Dec 2011 in -37,145:
-37.7571825, 145.0614683

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Right outside Heidelberg Train Station, Heidelberg, Melbourne, Australia


Kozz, Kozz's dog

Talex, Felix Dance, stevage, rwh


Kozz I've been out of the game for a long time, but now have a shiny Android phone with 3G connection and the Geohashing app. We were out in Eltham, so I decided to swing by the hashpoint on the way back. We passed two previous hashpoints on the way, and waved merrily.



About the most simple geohash I've ever been to. A 10-minute diversion, parked outside Heidelberg train station, walked to the hashpoint, took a photo of the plum tree above it and a pano of the streetscape, walked back through the train station, drove home. Kozz's dog helped out by dragging me 60m in the wrong direction, but the shiny Android phone would have none of it.


Felix Dance[edit]

It was at the previous night's Christmas Party amongst my friends when I heard about this hash. Stevage and tAlex told me about it excitedly and we all easily managed to talk rwh, our very good friend recently returning briefly from the UK, to go along with us.

Arriving at Kew, tAlex, Stevage and I headed off through the windy streets of Melbourne's north east, spending some time on the Main Yarra cycle trail along the river. Arriving at Hiedelberg railway station and the nearby Austin Hospital we all waited patiently for the arrival, also on bike, of rwh. His entrance announced by tears of joy from the rest of us, Rob joined us in a few photos before we all headed back to Kew for delicious homebrew (courtesy of tAlex and myself), and takeaway pizza.

Riding to my folks' house in North Melbourne from Kew at about 10:30pm, I witnessed a spectacular thunderstorm flashing and roaring above the housing commission flats near my place of rest.

Estimated time of hash: 7:30pm.


I independently had the same idea as Kozz to eat a hashplum. I managed to find a couple of ripe ones. They weren't particularly tasty though. Stevage 01:59, 20 December 2011 (EST)




Felix Dance[edit]


Kozz issued a challenge for the Tale of Two Hashes achievement
by geohashing in a place named Heidelberg from the (-37, 145) geohash on 2011-12-18.
2011-12-18 -37 145 Kozz Dog.jpg