2011-12-14 -38 145

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Wed 14 Dec 2011 in -38,145:
-38.5827991, 145.6013928

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In a field north of Wonthaggi.

Who went[edit]


Felix Dance[edit]

A weird coincidence. Just yesterday I'd accessed the geohash in this very graticule conveniently located just outside Inverloch. Today I almost thought the peeron software had developed a glitch when I found the geohash to be even more accessible, just north of Wonthaggi. Yesterday it was the town I live in, today the town I work in. Weird.

Anyway, at about 6pm I was riding off towards the hash. These days I've been riding to and from work with my fellow desalination plant employee Nicola, so I was going to have to ditch her on this one. But she'd got a flat tyre before leaving, giving me just enough time to ride out along the dirt road, jump the barbed wire (not electric this time though) fence, run over to the hash, take some photos, and ride back to the Bass Highway to meet up with her.

On the way home we discovered some mysterious blue thread that followed the road for several kilometres. Waving goodbye to Nicola I chose to follow it further along the road until it turned off towards the town of Leongatha up north. Eventually abandoning the pursuit I still to this moment have no idea as to its purpose or destination...

Here is the Google Maps route I took.