2011-12-03 41 -88

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Sat 3 Dec 2011 in 41,-88:
41.3781775, -88.2674228

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Near the Dresden Nuclear Power Plant in Morris, Illinois, U.S.A.



I'll have to trim my beard nice and neat before attempting this hash. I'd hate to be mistaken for a terrorist just because I look like one.


The target this time was in an empty field just south of the Dresden Nuclear Power Plant. Although we weren't planning to run afoul of Homeland Security, we took the precaution trying to appear as harmless and respectable as possible. I trimmed my beard and wore a shirt with a collar. (I thought about wearing a tie too, but that seemed a bit too much.) We armed ourselves with geohashing documentation and set off.

We found the target without problem. Afterwards, we drove up the road to the power plant. I walked up to the front gate, took a few pictures, tipped my hat to the security cameras and we made our escape.