2011-11-27 48 -123

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Sun 27 Nov 2011 in 48,-123:
48.9273738, -123.5665312

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On the North end of Saltspring Island, One of the gulf island between Vancouver and Vancouver Island. Just 5 meters of North End Road, across from nr 2331



My plan is to visit this location starting from Vancouver:

  • Bike to Bridgeport bus exchange
  • Bus 620 (with bike) to Twassen ferry
  • Ferry Tswassen - Swartzbay
  • Ferry Swartzbay - Fulford Harbour
  • Bike around Saltspring Island to reach the geohash at the north end
  • Ferry LongHarbour - Tswassen
  • Bus back to Bridgeport
  • Skytrain to get close to my house since I will be tired and to get an extra mode of transportation.

If most things work out, I will not get stuck on this island missing the last ferry...


The total trip involved: Home >Bike> Bridgeport Station 08.00 >Bus620> 08.40 Ferry Terminal Tswassen 09.00 >Ferry> 10.35 Swartz Bay 11.00 >Ferry> 11.35 Fulford Harbour >Bike> 13.28 Geohash location >Bike> Long Harbour 15.30 >Ferry> 18.00 Ferry Tswassen >(busjustleft)Bike> Ladner Exchange 18.55 >Bus404> Brighouse Station >Canadaline Skytrain> King Edward Station >Bike> Home

The weather started of with rain, but before arriving on the Island it got dry and the afternoon was sunny and very nice. Sunset on the ferry back to the mainland was stunning.


20111127N48W123 Tracklog.png



Wijnland earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (48, -123) geohash on 2011-11-27.
20111127N34E123 landhash.jpg
Wijnland earned the 5 modes of transportation Achievement
by using 5 or more modes of transportation, in this case Bike, Bus, Ferry, Skytrain(subway), and foot to get to the (48, -123) geohash on 2011-11-27.