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2011-11-27 31 -110

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Sun 27 Nov 2011 in Nogales:
31.9273738, -110.5665312

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[edit] Location

Empire Mountains north of Sonita

[edit] Participants

[edit] Expeditions

Tried the dirt roads that were right off the Interstate exit. Wasn't long before we hit a nice strong gate with four padlocks. No problem. There was a power line access road that ran along the fence. Too bad it started to diverge from the direction we needed to go.

Plan B. 21 miles on the highway to another possible entry point. It took us a mile and a half of driving to realize the place looked familiar because it was our route to the geohash point 8 weeks ago. After a couple of "nope, the other way" turns, we started our 7 miles of bumping and scraping bottom to get within 600 feet of the geohash point. A simple walk over hill, into wash, and up the next hill. So simple I let my city yard dog run off leash. Two minutes later I hear this big ruckus behind me. Seems the dog decided to go play with the four deer that were 20 yards off. Fortunately she was not up to a cross country chase and came back a couple minutes later. While RoadRunner and I had our wine celebration at the geohash spot, the dog was lightly snoring and dreaming of white tailed playmates.

With the sun setting and the temperature dropping, we decided to explore the gas line service road we encountered in the was in as a possible egress. 17 minutes later we were opening the access gate to the shoulder of the Interstate. Thank goodness it didn't have a lock.

Adventuresome 4WD route to the geohash. 90 minutes of wine, scenery, and good company. Simple, fast, easy, unplanned route back to the pavement. What a great afternoon.  :)