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Wed 23 Nov 2011 in 49,8:
49.4421760, 8.3965764

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On the premises of a company in Ludwigshafen Rheingönnheim



I started at the train station Heidelberg Pfaffengrund/Wieblingen and took two trains to Ludwigshafen Rheingönnheim. I walked the last 1 km from there. It was very, very foggy and cold in Ludwigshafen. On my way to the hash point I couldn't see farther than 10 meters. I walked on a little bicycle path. On the right side there was a huge fence that seemed to go on forever. The fog enforced that feeling. Finally the fence got to an end and I walked another 200 meters until I turned right to reach the hash point. According to Google Maps the hash point should have been in an open field. I didn't. It lay on the premises of a company. I discovered this when I walked over a meadow to the hash point and suddenly came across the stupid fence again. I walked around the whole fence, searching for an entry. Then I got to the main entrance of the company and went to the reception. One old guy from the plant protective force was sitting in there. He was very, very unfriendly and harsh. He didn't even listen to one word I said. I tried to tell him what geohashing is about and stayed polite but he told me to leave in a rather unfriendly way. (By the way: Is there an achievement for getting insulted during an expedition?). It's ok to prevent strangers from getting into your premises but you don't have to be that rude I think. So my expedition ended there. Although this one was not successful, I had some great impressions of a real foggy landscape and a nice walk outside. On the plus side: I finally found a (more or less) working gps logger: My Tracks.





Karl_77 earned the No trespassing consolation prize
by almost reaching the (49, 8) geohash on 2011-11-23.