2011-11-21 41 -88

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Mon 21 Nov 2011 in 41,-88:
41.8072792, -88.0878957

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At the edge of someone's driveway in Lisle, Illinois, U.S.A.



This one was different from our usual planned Saturday afternoon adventures. While at work I noticed that today's hash was just three miles from our home and a short detour on the way home from work for both of us.


Since this one was obviously on private property, I rang the door bell and explained that I was on a kind of scavenger hunt where the Internet picks out a random point each day and game players have to go to the designated point and take pictures of themselves. The nice lady I talked to stayed safely behind the screen door and told me to go ahead. While I was taking pictures, a man (presumably her husband) came out to check up on me. He seemed satisfied with my explanation before retreating back into his warm house.

The Wife visited the target earlier in the afternoon, but she stayed on the sidewalk. This was her first solo geohash and she was pleased that she didn't have to wade through a swamp or crawl through the underbrush or trudge through a cornfield.