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Sun 20 Nov 2011 in Turku, Finland:
60.2202491, 22.9939718

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In forest near crossing of roads Joutnantie, Lankkerintie and Talonpojan Teijon tie.



I checked weekend's hashpoints on Saturday. Sunday's coordinates in the neigbouring graticule seemed to be promising. Closer look to the map proved that it's near and should be easily accessible. I might go, although there won't be too much time before dark.


Weather was sunny and I had some time before sunset. The way was mostly good gravel roads. Distance from home was 10.3 km along the road.

I noticed that car's thermometer showed -3C, so I would be entitled to Frozen Geohash achievement. This autumn has been warmer than average. There have been only few nights when temperature has dropped below freezing point. This was the first day when temperature stayed below zero for the whole day. Next days were again warmer.

I parked next to a sandpit. Distance to the hash was 230 metres. A dog of the only house nearby noticed me and kept on barking through my expedition. I headed to the hash through the woods. The hash was in a plantation of young pine trees. Young birches were taller than the pines.

The whole trip took about half an hour. I was back home just before sunset which was today at 15:48 o'clock.




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