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Sun 20 Nov 2011 in Cambridge:
52.2202491, 0.9939718

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On a public footpath between Old Newton village and the main line railway from London to Norwich, 2 miles north of Stowmarket, Suffolk, UK.



Neil set out in fog hoping to buy leeks from a roadside stall. Sadly the ageing couple had not set out their stand so no leeks. Hopefully they are OK and there will be home grown super-fresh vegetables another day.

Finding Old Newton in the fog was not easy. The maze of narrow agricultural lanes was confusing and the non-directional glare of the sun made direction finding harder than usual. The hand-held GPS screen was hard to see but eventually the village was located.

A 1.5 mile circular walk included the hashpoint which was ten paces off the public footpath. The fog was slowly clearing leaving an unusually warm and sunny early winter day. Early in the walk Neil found some wild field mushrooms (Agaricus Campestris), to be confirmed if he's still alive next fortnight! They made a tasty lunch.



Sourcerer earned the Hunter Gatherer Award
by finding, cooking and eating wild mushrooms (52, 0) geohash on 2011-11-20.

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