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Sun 13 Nov 2011 in 49,8:
49.4990202, 8.5873619

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Between two fileds on a lawn near Heddesheim.



This expedition was fun! Mostly because I used four different types of public transportation: Five trams, three busses, one mini-bus and four cabs. Why four cabs? Funny thing is, where I live there's normaly a bus going downtown every 20 minutes. But our local transportation company thinks that this bus is not cost-effective on sundays. But they are nice enough to let you use a cab for free (if you own a six-months season ticket for students) if you need a bus on a sunday. But why four cabs? This is where the famous German bureaucracy kicks in: The route of the bus that normally goes to the city is divided in two parts for the cabs. And the cab drivers are not allowed to expand these parts. They are not even allowed to stop for a second and then charge the local transportation company with the second part of the route. No, you have to order two seperate cabs on your way and change the car after one part of the route. For me that was very funny as the bus stop where I had to change the cabs doesn't have any place for cars to stop. My next cab was already there, standing with warning lights and creating a huge traffic jam. I got out of the first cab, got into the other one and felt famous. :-)

Now to the expedition itself. After I used the two cabs from my house to the tram station in Wieblingen I changed for the tram and got to Seckenheim Rathaus. There I changed for the Bus 625 to Feudenheim. In Feudenheim I had to change for another bus. It was one of those bus routes only Geohashers seem to use. It turned out that this one was a mini-bus. It looked very cute and it had only 8 seats. The mini-bus drove through several little villages, making me bounce of my seat on every bump on the road. Finally I reached another tram station in Wallstadt Ost and took the last tram of my connection to Heidenheim. I passed the Hashpoint with a distance of about 500 metres and saw that it was easily accessible. In Heidenheim Bahnhof I got off the tram and walked about 700 metres to the hash point, mostly next to the tracks of the tram. The hash point itself was between to fields on some sort of lawn. The sun was shining, it was not too cold and I felt great. :-) I took some pictures and went on my long way home, this time using only one bus, three trams and two cabs.
It's funny how many different kinds of cars, busses and trams you can use with our local transportation company. And I liked the fact that it took me 64 minutes to reach a hashpoint that was about 9 km away. But hey, I payed for my six-months-ticket and I use it! ;-)
Sidenote: It was very amazing that all connections worked out perfect! On my way to the hashpoint there were three changes where I only had one or two minutes to get to the other bus or tram. Needless to say the first tram already had 7 minutes delay but the other connections were waiting for it so there weren't any problems. And that's simply awesome! Great job, vrn!


I'm still having troubles with my logging program for Android, I really need to find another one. This time it stopped logging before I reached the coordinates. Very stupid. Anyway, here's the link to the uncomplete log: http://www.everytrail.com/view_trip.php?trip_id=1359077



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