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Artist's impression of the geohash. You can almost see it, just to the left of the white car at far left.

Wed 9 Nov 2011 in -37,144:
-37.8485956, 144.9827176

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In a private school, in inner city Melbourne.




What a psychodrama! What a crazy place for a hash - it reminded me of this classic cartoon. Felix alerted me to the point, thinking it would be an easy get, being so close to the centre of Melbourne. It was both easier and harder. Infuriatingly, this morning I actually took my GPS out of my backpack, thinking "there had better not be a geohash today".

Incredibly, today I was attending a conference only 400m from the hash, so it was an easy walk. But the point was right in the middle of Wesley College, a co-ed private school. For non-Australians, that means parents pay more than $10,000 per year to send a kid there. Schools like this really don't take kindly to strangers on their premises and tend to be pretty paranoid about pedophiles and such. On the other hand, it was in a fantastic part of the school - on pavement near reception. So it's not like I'd have to traipse around an oval, or try and get into the science classrooms or something...

Attempt #1[edit]

After a quick lunch, I prepared to stroll over. With no GPS and no camera, I memorised the location of the point from Google Maps. I took my laptop to use as a camera. I cryptically excused myself and wandered over. As I got closer, I saw that it was still lunchtime at the school, and there were schoolkids everywhere. This didn't feel like a good idea. This felt like a bad idea. I racked my brains of what to say if I was questioned about my presence. Nothing came to me. I reached the entrance, completely lost my nerve, and kept walking. A kid called over the fence: "excuse me, can you get our ball for us?" I started to feel more and more like a pedophile. I then gave up and headed back to the conference, pausing only to recommend a hostel to a passing vanload of German backpackers.

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Attempt #2[edit]

At afternoon tea, I wandered over again. But now there was a PE class going on, and a teacher was acting as sentry. I felt even dodgier. Abort, abort.

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Attempt #3[edit]

Around 5pm, with the conference over, I had one last crack. The sun was out, and the weather was gorgeous. Staff cars were still leaving the school. A story finally came to me: I'd be looking for my keys, which I had lost earlier. Brilliant. Head down, I strolled in, and did a lap or two around the point. I pulled out my laptop to take a photo, but the computer wouldn't start. Then I discovered I had my camera with me...but no memory card. You have to laugh.

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