2011-11-06 26 -80

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Sun 6 Nov 2011 in 26,-80:
26.2693891, -80.2837060

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A few feet into a canal in Coral Springs.



This hashpoint is close to home (about 5 miles), so I just drove up there after a late lunch.


I arrived at the hashpoint at about 3:52pm (note the end of DST this morning). There was an available parking spot close to the canal. I walked up for the usual GPS fix and pictures. There were quite a few ducks and other waterfowl (Maybe ibises? I'm not sure.) around the canal. One of the ducks followed me around for a bit, probably expecting some food.

As I expected, the hashpoint was a few feet into the canal. I had no intention of wading/swimming/rafting in there today, so I settled for the closest GPS fix I could get without falling in - about 2.5 meters.

On the way home, I realized that if I had brought some bread with me, I might have convinced some ducks (or one, anyway) to swim to the hashpoint - sort of a Zoological Puppet Master Achievement. I'll consider that next time there's a near inland water hash in the area.



  • Land Geohash?? (Sounds like you were within error range - Jim)