2011-11-05 41 -91

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Sat 5 Nov 2011 in Cedar Rapids South:
41.7960976, -91.8934499

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In a neighborhood in Middle Amana.



By sheer luck, Mark and Frizzles had tickets for a concert in Cedar Rapids, and Frizzles had suggested spending the night in the Amana Colonies area before returning to the North. Checking the weekend coordinates as soon as they were available, Mark noticed that there were coordinates on the street in Middle Amana. Not wanting to look like too much of a nerd, he read hotel reviews for Middle Amana and then waited until the evening to see if Frizzles had found time to book a reservation, not yet mentioning the hash coordinates. Lo, Frizzles had booked a room in a nice bed & breakfast in Homestead, just a mile or two south of Amana. Coordinates were disclosed, and Frizzles agreed that an expedition was in order.

The several hour drive to Cedar Rapids was uneventful, aside from a loud screeching noise coming from the left rear wheel of Mark's car just as they were about to enter the freeway. Stopping to investigate, Mark found the appearance of some liquid on one part of the wheel/tire, but no other indications. As luck would have it, Albert Auto was just a third of a kilometer ahead, and though they were already closed for the afternoon, they were glad to pull the car in and take a look. After a bit of grinding, lubing, and listening, the car seemed to be fixed up, so Mark and Frizzles continued on their way.

A quick meander around Cedar Rapids, followed by Czech food in the Czech Village part of town, and more exploration of the area landed Mark and Frizzles at the Czech-Slovak Protective Society Hall for a nice evening viewing art and taking in live music. Around 10:30 PM, they left town and headed to Middle Amana, visited the hash coordinates, and then continued to Homestead for the night.

The next day was enjoyed exploring the shops and sights of Amana; sampling cheese, sampling wine, viewing art galleries, enjoying lunch, sampling soda, touring a wool mill, and more. The trip made for a wonderful weekend, with a lucky hash along the way.


Mark and Frizzles earned the Virgin Graticule Achievement
by being the first to reach any hashpoint in the (41, -91) graticule, here, on 2011-11-05.