2011-11-04 45 -122

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Fri 4 Nov 2011 in 45,-122:
45.4090544, -122.5260525

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Behind a muffler shop in Sunnyside



This one looks possible, but it is a drive, and I'm not sure if I'm that interested.

Trying to get behind that smaller building might be interesting, as well. I think it is too wide a building for the hash to count from the front.


I spent the day working on stuff at home, and then set out in the late day for the hashpoint with an errand on the way.

The route there was fairly straightforward, and the GPS lead me towards it as I got close. The shop was closed, but I was able to park in their parking lot and walk behind the building. There were no entrances to the building back there, but there was some junk in the area.

Around the middle of the building, the distance dropped to 25 feet and I declared victory.

Just for grins, I figured I'd see what it looked like from the other side of the fence, in the driveway behind the trucking area. I wandered through and got to around 40 feet away without trying, so maybe I could have gotten close enough from that side.

I turned around and headed home.


A photo in the camera


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