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Mon 31 Oct 2011 in 50,10:
50.5880741, 10.7569918

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In the forest above the Erletor barrage, not far from a way and in nice pre-lunch cycling distance from Neundorf.


  • Juja, her dad and Woschi.
  • Reinhard, Frère Krabbe and Bobbele

Expedition: Juja[edit]

When I had asked Reinhard the other day whether he would like to accompany me on my hash tour, he didn't seem to be interested (my preferred tour would mostly be forest ways, not really perfect for his roadbike), so I started right after breakfast with my dad. That is, after I found out that my old bike had a flat tyre and we had decided whether to fix it (of course not, why should we ever?) or I could just take my dad's bike, while he would take his "other" bike. I got the big tyres, he got the trekking bike. So we went through the beautiful autumn forest to Silbach, Breitenbach and from there on more or less directly to the point. I did not expect Reinhard or anyone else to visit the hash, so I didn't mark it, and on we went to Stutenhaus and home through the forest - about 32 easy and sunny kilometers in the middle of nature, a "premium tour", as my dad put it...

Expedition: Reinhard[edit]

Reinhard preferred waiting for the sunny afternoon and drier roads, before he started his bike trip to the hashpoint. His starting point was just 750 m from Juja's, but his trip was probably less than a quarter identical. He took the road via Schleusingen and Hirschbach and uphill to the porphyry mine near Hirschbach. He knew, that the paved road would end there, but OSM showed a good forest road leading from there to the hashpoint. Reinhard did not find any marks at the hashpoint but nevertheless thought, that Juja had been there before as she's the earliest-geohasher-type-of-person. He took the standard photos and as using the forest paths by road bike was no problem, he continued his trip towards Stutenhaus with a short side trip to the Adlersberg, where a guy from Switzerland was completely astonished, how Reinhard could get there with a usual road bike. At Stutenhaus he got back on roads and enjoyed the 8 km descent from Schmiedefeld back to Schleusingerneundorf.


Morning fog sitting in the valleys.  
Autumn cycling.  
We'll cycle there, behind the seven mountains...  
Hashpoint reached for Juja - beware the Number of the Beast.  
Woschi sitting at the point.  
Hashpoint reached for Reinhard.  
View from hashpoint to bike on path.  
The hashers at the hashpoint.  
Guy inspecting Reinhard's tires  
and still not believing it's a common road bike. (@Adlersberg)