2011-10-27 45 -123

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Thu 27 Oct 2011 in 45,-123:
45.5608230, -123.3770196

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Right near a logging road, I think



I'm eyeing doing this one as a Retro, and it also appears to be on the path for 2009-10-10_45_-123, which I never made it to.

Expedition on 2011-10-30[edit]

Well, I set out for these two hashpoints, and it was pretty quick to get to the entrance of the logging area. I explained where I wanted to go, but was told that access was really only for hunting.

So, I asked if I had just said I wanted to hunt, would it have been okay. The person thought about it, and decided that it was fine, especially since I said I wasn't getting off the roadway.

So, I started down the "Mainline" road. It wasn't very smooth, but I've been on worse. However, I noticed that the side roads weren't quite as well labeled as I had hoped. Furthermore, one of them, which was supposed to be open, seemed to actually be closed. This didn't bode well for the recent hashpoint.

After several miles of trundling along, and getting out of the way of hunters who were on their way out, I finally made it to the hashpoint from 2 years ago. It was about 80 feet off the roadway, but that 80 feet had an at least 40 foot drop, so I wasn't going to attempt it, even a little.

I continued on, looking for the turn off for the second hashpoint. I found what appeared to be it, but it wasn't labeled as being open to travel, so I couldn't proceed onward. I turned around and returned to the gate to check out, and report that I had neither gotten lost, nor been shot by a hunter. (It was pointed out to me that my car was now covered with "Mainline Mud", which I should wash off as soon as possible.)

I reported about the signs not matching, and we looked at his map for a while, and realized that I was probably on the wrong side of the locked gates for the Thursday hashpoint. It was probably on State Park land, and had to be approached from the North instead of the South. (If I could even get access.)

I thanked him for all the help he had given me, and headed home to flood the low spot in our gravel area washing the mud off the car.


In the camera, as usual


  • No Trespassing