2011-10-27 45 -122

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2011-10-27 45 -122 Overlook 1.jpg

Thu 27 Oct 2011 in 45,-122:
45.5608230, -122.3770196

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Sandy Delta park on the East side of Portland along the Columbia



Jim: I have to go to the airport this morning. I may try to swing by afterwards.

M5K: I've never been to this park, but it seems like it might work for an after-work jogging geohash. With any luck, Jim will provide an accessibility report before I head out!


Jim - Part 1[edit]

M5K is probably already on the way there, but I got pulled up short by a sign at the entry way to the path in that reported that a large area, including the hashpoint, was being subject to herbicide spraying this week.

So, access didn't look very good.


Hmm, that's not what I want in my lungs. Expedition abort!

Jim - Part 2, the sequel[edit]

I made a later attempt at the hashpoint, simply because I thought the two mile walk was a reasonable and healthy thing to do, and because I thought it might be only 20 feet from the trail, which would be "close enough" to the hashpoint, and far enough from the herbicide.

I got to meet a lot of dogs and owners out on walks, and made it to about 500 feet from the hashpoint, but didn't want to stray off the trail, especially that far into a sprayed area.


Hmm, that's not what I want in my lungs. Expedition abort!



  • No Trespassing