2011-10-21 52 -0

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Fri 21 Oct 2011 in Northampton:
52.3983438, -0.6980865

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A residential road in Kettering, Northamptonshire, UK.




This October has been a lean month for geohashing caused by a heavy work-load and uninteresting and unreachable hashpoints. Today the Northampton hash was really easy to reach so ...

Neil arrived one minute ahead of his predicted time. Reaching the hashpoint involved a small diversion off the A14 into the residential parts of Kettering. It was a road hash and there was no need even to get out of the car. The second image in the gallery shows an aborted path, having turned off one street too soon. The second street led straight to the hashpoint.

The journey was for beer and curry with good friends who live in Staffordshire. These are really good friends. Sadly, Mike's aged mother had died a couple of days earlier from brain haemorrhaging after a nasty fall. She donated her kidneys, freeing the unknown recipient from the ordeal of dialysis machines. Most people would cancel their social diary under these circumstances. I was able to make myself useful by cooking a load of food and allowing Mike to catch up on much needed sleep and to recover from a nasty cold that had left him with a hacking cough.

Years ago, there was a popular British satirical TV programme called "Not The Nine O'Clock News". They produced a calendar and on each day, there was an amusing alternative definition of an English word or sometimes a place name. Kettering was re-defined as the pattern left on ones backside after sitting for a prolonged period on a wickerwork chair.

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Sourcerer earned the Two to the N achievement
by reaching 26 hashpoints on 2011-10-21 52 -0 and is promoted to Level 6 (Coordinates reached).

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