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Fri 21 Oct 2011 in -38,145:
-38.3983438, 145.6980865

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Just off a semi-private road behind a farm near Korumburra.

Who went[edit]


Felix Dance[edit]

Thanks to a generator servicing at my construction work at the Wonthaggi Desalination Plant I was back home in Inverloch early. This would allow me plenty of time to pack my... well, not bags, let's say pockets... for a weekend luggage-less road bike credit card tour from Bairnsdale to Melbourne with six of my good mates.

Just as I was ramping up the frantic packing for the drive to the Warragul train station, where I'd park my car and take my bike on the train with said mates to Bairnsdale to begin the ride the next morning (yes, living away from Melbourne often produces such messed-up plans), my excellent geohashing friend Stevage contacted me with a reminder to check the hash for the day.

Shit. Accessible. And I just had a couple of hours to get to the station. With one hour to drive directly there, that would leave a tight 60 minutes for the hash. Doable. Just.

I threw my bike into the back of my dodgy Daewoo station wagon and sped up into the hills. I turned off at Korumburra to get to the hash, after 20 minutes or so I was switch-backing around the tight bends - in no time I was within 100m. I got out of the car and walked towards the farmhouse beyond which the hash was located. No joy - unoccupied. Circumnavigating this difficulty proved easier than I imagined with the discovery of a semi-private vehicular track off a locked gate that led directly to the hash. Photographing the scenic surrounds I was done.

Just as I was leaving however, and already nervous about my impending train ride to Bairnsdale (the last of the day), I noticed the camera hadn't recorded any of the images - I had to rush back to the hash and rephotograph it.

Back in the car I made it to the station with 15 minutes to spare - just enough time for dinner. Ironically, the train was an hour late due to police being called to attend a drunken passenger, so I needn't have stressed at all.

The next day I involved myself in yet another geohash during the epic credit card cycle tour - you can check out the details here.

Here is the Google Maps route I took.