2011-10-15 45 -123

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Sat 15 Oct 2011 in 45,-123:
45.8563806, -123.1838560

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Michael5000 is thinking of driving to the hashpoint in the late morning and going for a long run on the north end of the Banks/Vernonia Trail. Maybe!

Jim is also eyeing this hashpoint after he's done with market. Jiml 14:13, 15 October 2011 (EDT)



It's a bit of drive to Vernonia, but once there it was not an especially tricky hashpoint. Ground zero was behind a nondescript prefab office or light industrial building. When I arrived a little before eleven, there was no one about, so it was just a matter of following the GPS to a little gravel patch behind the building and leaving a message for anyone who might stumble along, or who might arrive with great purpose for that matter.

Afterwards, the Bear guarded the Geohashing Expedition Vehicle for a couple of hours while I ran on the Banks/Vernonia Trail, but when I got back it there was no sign that anyone else had visited the hashpoint.

Expedition Two[edit]

After market, Jim went in search of printer supplies, and managed to find them. He then looped back past home and dropped stuff off and headed for Vernonia. It was a nice drive, but not as pretty as it seemed when he did the same trip earlier in the week.

He made it to Vernonia, and headed down the side road towards the hashpoint. As Google had told me, there was something that looked like it might be a HeadStart office, with a bunch of kids playing in the area. However, unlike earlier in the day, the light industrial space adjacent to the hashpoint appeared to be occupied. Jim thought about it and decided to be brave and knock on the door and ask for permission. No answer.

A second knock also resulted in no response. He was leaving when he passed by an office window and caught the eye of someone sitting inside with headphones on. Jim explained about a "scavenger hunt" and the person said it was fine to visit the gas meter. A few photos were taken and Jim headed home, stopping to visit a couple of stores in downtown Vernonia on the way.


Jim has a couple of photos to upload


  • Land Geohash for both
  • Ambassador for Jim

For Michael 5000, three personal landmarks:

  • This is his 70th Oregon Expedition.
  • And, it's his 50th Expedition of 2011.
  • McMinnville becomes my fourth three-expedition graticule.