2011-10-12 49 8

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Wed 12 Oct 2011 in 49,8:
49.2873016, 8.8239939

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In a meadow between Zuzenhausen und Hoffenheim



Kristallviolett and I started at Heidelberg mainstation and took a fast train to Sinsheim. We passed the hash point for the first time. In Sinsheim we had to use a slower train back for two stations and we passed the hash point for a second time. At the station in Zuzenhausen we got off the train and walked about 600 metres to the hash point. It was on a medaow, right next to several fields. On our way back we wanted to buy some of the local beer "Dachsenfranz" and bring some to fivetonsofflax but unfortunately the shop wasn't open and every other shop in Zuzenhausen was closed as well. So we went back without any gifts. It was a decent expedition with a nice view and a nice landscape. My tracklog program had some serious issues, recording only one half of the expedition and drawing a wrong route from Sinsheim. According to the tracklog, we've been to Hoffenheim which was clearly not the case. After recording some weird random dots it stopped recording and I don't know why. When I tried to shut down the program at home it refused to close and it's still running. There's no entire tracklog for this expedition, but my navigation program did some sort of tracklog when I was using it to get to the hashpoint. So at least I can prove we got there. The only thing is that the navigation program stopped logging as soon as we got off the street to reach the hash point. I have to check what went wrong with my program in order to prevent technical difficulties next time.





Karl_77 earned the Public transport geohash achievement
by reaching the (49, 8) geohash on 2011-10-12 using public transit.
2011-10-12-proof-public transportation.jpg