2011-10-12 43 -79

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Wed 12 Oct 2011 in 43,-79:
43.7024872, -79.3197296

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The geohash looked like it was near a branch of Taylor creek, possibly in some-one’s back yard.


I'll be in the relative area after a quick hour of kickboxing classes, and will attempt the geohash afterwards by car. (Another later in the night geohash. One of these days I'll have to try this in the daytime.) Splitdipless 13:45, 12 October 2011 (EDT)



My mind simply wasn't in the game. I forgot my GPS and good camera at home when I left to the dojo. After my work-out, I had the point plotted on a map, but with no actual idea on how to get to the point.

I did have my phone with me, and I was able to get map directions to as close as I could get, which was at the end of the street. From there, I knew it would be forward and to the right near the creek edge.

As it turns out, I didn’t get that far. ‘Em,’ my car, slowly crept down the street. I came to a stop at the end. A fence blocked any further progress, marking the start to private property. Beyond laid a front yard, drive way, house and back-yard. The creek might delineate the edge of the property. To the right was a house closely set to the street, with a wall that prevented going about the property, and the other side was barricaded off as well, to prevent falling into another fork of the creek, several meters below along a slope.

My search for a way around was also hindered by the rain, and the darkness, so I took a snap of the front fence, the street sign on my way out, and headed home.

On fun thing that happened on my trip was on the way back: I drove through a pool of water on the road outside a construction site just north-west of Coxwell and O’Conner, and the plume of water I kicked up easily got 3 meters high. No pedestrians were soaked in the incident.