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Wed 12 Oct 2011 in Singapore:
1.2873016, 103.8239939

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Somewhere in Henderson Park, near a bus stop along Tiong Bahru Road.




An opportunity to try out the newly-opened stretch of the Circle Line! School ends at 12.30pm, I'll be heading right out - just so happens Marymount MRT Station is practically right on my school's doorstep - and it's about a half-hour train ride to Tiong Bahru with a transfer at Buona Vista. A short walk to Henderson Park, and then hashpoint!


I'm updating this on the train as I'm going home, saves time, this!

I left the school premises at 12.30pm, uneventful train ride all the way to Tiong Bahru. The Circle Line train had more people on it than usual, I'll have to get used to it being the new norm. The new stations were very shiny and new, but they seemed to be too spacious - possibly gearing up to hold the increase in Singapore's population in the event of an air raid! (The underground stations double up as bomb shelters, apparently.)

It was raining rather heavily when I left school, but luckily it had slowed to a drizzle by the time I got to the hashpoint. At worst, I suppose I just looked like a Sprinkled Rat rather than a Drowned one. The GPS worked better this time, being in an open air park. I found the geohash easily, conveniently located at a bench. I didn't sit on it, though, it was wet. Walked back and forth along the pathway to get a better reading before I snapped the required pictures. The park's actually quite nice, would've been possible to do a Picnic Geohash!


I took the pictures in VGA (640x480) format before I realised, sorry about the low-res!