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Sat 8 Oct 2011 in 50,8:
50.2122518, 8.2778415

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On grassland near Idstein.



It's saturday and there's cake. Granted, it's raining, but what better to do than gop hashing in the rain followed by a nice coffee with strawberry-cake?

We're also planning to take EmmJay (formerly known as MJ) along on his first ever expedition. We originally hoped to beat the youngest ever hasher but the coordinates just didn't work for us so it took a while - 28 days to be precise :).


Rain and wind. Great conditions to go hashing with a 28-day-old EmmJay. Then again, you're never too young for bad weather and hashing (you can be too young for strawberry cake though - more on that later).

We met up (after a couple of synchronization problems and some construction road-works) near the hash and it was only a 500 meter walk from there. EmmJay was surprisingly quiet but we didn't dare take him out of the baby carrier for some good photos due to the bad weather. So we snapped a couple of the group with Mampfred's big belly and headed back to QuarterCacher & M's place for some coffee and strawberry cake. EmmJay didn't get any but LadyBB made up for it by providing ... "hash milk"? :)


See here.



QuarterCacher, M, Mampfred, LadyBB, EmmJay earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (50, 8) geohash on 2011-10-08.
Mampfred and LadyBB earned the Youngest Geohash honourable mention
by geohashing on 2011-10-09 with their son, EmmJay, aged 28 days.
2011-10-08 50 8 emm jay.jpg