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Sat 8 Oct 2011 in 47,8:
47.2122518, 8.2778415

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The geohash is located in the woods of Gelfingen, near the Castle of Heidegg.





Arches & Kei[edit]

Traveling alone is boring, so we decided to meet up in Lenzburg. There should have been four of us, but two people excused themselves. Nemeova did so due to having a severe headache, whereas another party member just partied too long the night before.

Anyway, Arches and Kei reached Lenzburg around noon, so basically at lunch time, and therefore we went to a cozy restaurant, taking shelter from the rain and enjoying a wonderful meal.

From there, we took a small detour to the castle of Lenzburg, but once we reached it, we noticed we'd have only 10 lousy minutes to actually explore the castle before we would have to leave again in order to reach the train to Gelfingen. So instead of paying the entrance fee, we took a couple of pictures from the entrance and left again.

Once in Gelfingen, we decided to take a shortcut instead of the route Google Maps had presented us with and not walk around half the woods to reach the hash. As anyone could've guessed, this was a bad idea :D

But we reached the hash point at about 16:00, where we waited in hope of some other madmen coming to a hash in the middle of some woods during a rainy day. But after taking some pictures and waiting some more, we buggered off back to the railway station and went... not home.

Instead of going home, we actually paid Nemeova a visit, bringing with us everything necessary for a delicious cheese fondue, thus ending this expedition in a most enjoyable manner.



  • Land geohash
  • Public transport achievement
  • Hashcat achievement