2011-10-05 50 11

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Wed 5 Oct 2011 in 50,11:
50.7410557, 11.4191971

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In a forest near Etzelbach (Thuringia), not too far from a road.



Maybe one of the last warm days this year, so Reinhard had to go on a bike trip to this reasonably close hashpoint. Starting at 19:30 it was already dark and he didn't want to come back too late, thus Reinhard chose the direct way from Jena, meaning to cycle most of the trip on federal road B88. But this also meant he could go at full speed. Shortly before 9 pm he reached the hashpoint after climbing a slope, first through a wet meadow, later between some trees, but his mission was never in danger as it was just 60 m from the road. He got back at 22:15 after 72 km.


Coordinates reached.  
I should install my Topo map.  
Me and Frère Krabbe.  
Arbitrary night hash view.