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Tue 4 Oct 2011 in Singapore:
1.3502126, 103.8684197

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Blk 328, Serangoon Ave 3.




Seriously, anyone who lives there on any floor where the coordinates happen to sit, GUYS LOOK COUCH POTATO ACHIEVEMENT! I can only wish it would land on my own block of flats! Lucky buggers, just that they don't know it...

Going there after school ends at 3.10pm, won't be a long trip - just a few train stations away from Marymount to alight at Lorong Chuan or Serangoon MRT Station, then a bit of a walk to the geohash.


Took the train from Marymount to Lorong Chuan - when I alighted I noticed there was a steady stream of junior college students coming in from the station entrance, that was when I found out there was actually a JC in the area! It felt extremely odd to be walking against the flow of students, especially in another JC's uniform - sort of like walking into enemy territory, except yeah, I've got nothing against them actually!

After five to ten minutes of walking I found Block 328 easily, but the GPS on the Geohash Droid refused to work with me and instead placed me about 300m away from my actual location. Even stepping out from the block to get a little open sky put me 90m away, so I decided not to rely on the Droid and instead on the Google Maps. Stupidly, satellite view had the entire block as well as the carpark obscured by a bloody cloud, so I just estimated my location and went with it. Close enough, I think!