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Sun 2 Oct 2011 in 50,11:
50.8560839, 11.6337055

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In a forest near Schiebelau.



This is the first geohash I‘ve been to without companies. It’s because I’m not such a fanatic point collector and only use them as reason to do bike trips with someone else (usually Juja). But today the point looked extremely easy and no one else was here to collect it. So Destiny (or was it Juja?) spoke to me: "Today you can become the hero of our graticule when you rescue the innocent point from sinking in the whirl of nothing. Do it for glory and honour of our graticule. Shame on you, if you do not go there." Ehm well, and so I started after breakfast my way to the south to become todays local hero.

Since 80% of the route was my former way from work to home, my bike knew it very well and there is not much to tell about it. Which was strange, because everyone knows, when a hero is on it’s mission, he will have to pass a lot of adventures. And so I was sure, at the point a huge dragon with at least 3 heads will await me. An old oak beside the street told me that I now enter the destination area. I parked my bike at a small tree and went to the forest. It felt like a claering compared to the forest at my last hashpoint. Between two trees there was enougth space for at least three persons, the brushwood was not higher then my knees and only every second plant pricked. Looked plausible, a huge 3-headed dragon needs some space to live.

I followed my GPS until it showed a distance of 1 m to the point. Surprisingly there was no dragon there. Maybe he was on vacation. So I took some photos while Räbe built a mark. So when the dragon comes back from vacation, he will see, a hero was here and rescued the hashpoint. Gotcha!

I went back to my bike and to be even more heroic I didn’t go back on the direct route, but made a small detour via Grossbockedra, Gernewitz, Schöngleina, Lucka. After a 40km bike trip I came back home where my small balcony dragon awaited me and Räbe with coffee and cake. Time for the hero to relax …


The old oak, telling the point is near.  
The heros bike parked at a tree.  
Coordinates reached.  
Grinning hero.  
Räbe marked the point.  
Räbe doing nonsense ...  
... and more nonsense  
Balcony dragon awaiting us with cake.