2011-09-17 31 -110

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Sat 17 Sep 2011 in Nogales:
31.7586070, -110.8922134

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Just off the road to Madera Canyon



A day hike up Mount Wrightson (4000 ft, 5.5 mi one way) had been planned with friends for over a week. On Friday, I checked the geohash points for the weekend and one of the Saturday ones landed not far off the road through Madera Canyon; the road taken to get to the trailhead. So of course, after hiking 7 hours, I just had to go the "extra mile" (mostly driving) to conquer the tough geohash. I did have to contend with a access-code gate, but fortunately, there were no trespassing restrictions and a nice walk through gate.

It did offer a nice vantage point for a photo of Mt. Wrightson (right of center) where I had been three hours earlier.