2011-09-16 49 -123

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Fri 16 Sep 2011 in 49,-123:
49.2130838, -123.2013075

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On a beach on Iona Island in Richmond!

Today's battleship location is: H 3


17:00 meetup?

Geohash should be accessible by Hashmobile as well as by bike!

High tide isn't until 20:00+ so boots probably wont be required.

The bike ride to the end of the Iona Island Jetty is also a fun post-hash activity!


I'm training for a triathlon and today's workout called for 60 minutes of biking immediately followed by ten minutes of running, so I planned to leave at ten to four and complete the workout right on time at the geohash. That didn't happen. I reached the general vicinity of the geohash at ten to five with ten minutes left in the bike portion of the workout, so I went past, then turned around and came back to burn the last few minutes, confusing the arriving geohashers. "I'm coming back!" I said. Then when I turned around and saw them stopped added "Don't wait for me!" several times, until I had zipped past them. Then I parked the bike, ran my ten minutes and finally joined in the geohashing adventure.


You'd better believe there'll be pictures! Awesome pictures!

2011-09-16 49 -123 IMGP5097.JPG