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Sun 11 Sep 2011 in 47,7:
47.3321399, 7.9189641

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The geohash is near Olten (canton Solothurn). When walking on the street to the Säli Schlössli (Säli castle) one passes the geohash which is approx. 25m inside the forest.


TheOneRing - by train and walking.


Interesting side remark: although both Olten and the Säli Schlössli lie in canton Solothurn, a part of the way and the geohash lie in canton Aargau, shown by an image in the photos section.

The Expedition[edit]


I went by train to Olten quite early this morning, because the weather forecast said something about rain and thunderstorms this afternoon. So, I could start already half past nine from the station. From the map I could read that it would be about 3.5km and 200m in altitude. But then a 'tragedy' in three acts began.

First try: I was walking on the street until the supposed point where I should turn and walk into the forest. The distance was more than the map showed and I started to wonder. Earlier I saw a trail which might lead me closer to the geohash. It turned out not to be true and being puzzled I checked my eTrex with the coordinates. And surprise, surprise: I programmed the wrong coordinates; instead of typing 47°19.928' in latitude I wrote 47°19.982'. After correcting I walked back to the street and started my second try.

Second try: When I was again near the point where I turned around, it was still 25m ... steep uphill and through thick forest. Quite impossible so far. But the day was too nice to be upset and I went on to the Säli Schlössli. I took a break to drink a Hot Ovomaltine and to take a first set of photographs.

Third try: Well, time to start the descent. Before that, I visited the ruin of another castle on that mountain, the Alt Wartburg. They were built vis-à-vis, but from the same lord of the castle. Surprisingly, I saw some of wildlife dragons in Switzerland and took photos, of course. For my third try I chose a way which led me above the geohash, to be hopefully luckier. But it was somehow disappointing, because there was also no way through, I did not come closer than 35m to the geohash.

There was no possibilty to reach the geohash without a machete, I aborted the mission and walked back to Olten. Nevertheless it was a nice trip and the view over Olten and its surroundings was very impressive.



Probably more to come, some panoramas under construction.

Consolidation prizes[edit]

MNB Ribbon.jpg
TheOneRing earned the "Mother Nature's Bitch" Consolation Prize
by failing to reach the (47, 7) geohash on 2011-09-11.