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Sat 10 Sep 2011 in 59,10:
59.8389107, 10.8170943

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Prinsdal, a south-eastern suburb of Oslo.



Because it's Saturday, we'll be there at 4:00 p.m.



Not much to tell, really. First a 15 minute train ride from downtown Oslo, and then an easy walk for about a kilometer through a residential neighborhood and a small wooden area. The expedition was surprisingly uneventful.

No fellow geohashers could be seen at the hashpoint (but I'll have to admit that we were 20 minutes late for the planned 4pm meetup). Snoken and I had an ale or two at the hashpoint, discussed προσωκρατικοί φιλόσοφοι (Pre-Socratic philosophy) for a while, and then walked back to the train station (with a short pit stop at a kebab stall).



Getting off the train at Hauketo, about 15 minutes from the Oslo Central Station.
A kilometer or so from the train station, some hundred meters from the hashpoint.
On our way through the woods.
We should strongly consider riding to a hashpoint in the future.
We're there!
Celebrating with hand-crafted Scottish beer.
Snoken relaxing at the hashpoint.
Yours truly.
View from the hashpoint. Pretty ordinary.
On our way back.


Waiting for the train.
Celebrating our arrival.

Japanese standoff[edit]

Prinsdal - 2011-09-10 at 16-14-51.jpg Japanese standoff.jpg
Snoken and Blóðøx. Neither geohasher wanted to yield, and the Japanese standoff lasted for minutes…


Snoken earned the Public transport geohash achievement
by reaching the (59, 10) geohash on 2011-09-10 via the train from Oslo Central to Hauketo.