2011-09-10 45 -121

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Sat 10 Sep 2011 in 45,-121:
45.8389107, -121.8170943

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North of Carson, WA



Kydlt Today looks like a fun one. Right up near Panther Creek Falls, but in the next drainage over, the S. Fork of Mouse Creek. If any of you Portland folks come out I'll buy you a beer @ Walking Man in Stevenson. (limit 4, the acct dept made me put that in here.)


An interesting fail.

Today I invited 2 neighborhood children to come along, Ealom & Aidan. It was one of those 8 mi on pavement, then 8 on gravel NFDR's (Nat Forest Development Rd) that so many of my adventures around here consist of. These roads are often not marked, and sometimes not there. And I'm in an old Civic.

There were a couple possible ways in: on the road as far as we could go and then x-country, or stop where the rd crosses Mouse Creek's S. fork & go creek walking. The road washed out before we got as far as I hoped we could. But we walked up the road turned path looking for a place to drop down. The satellite geometry sucked, the tree cover was thick and the undergrowth was thick. On the bright side, we came across a dead horse. The boys were thrilled. About 1000 ft is the closest we got.

We went back to the car and drove to the creek crossing, but walking upstream was a no go on this creek. But it was beautiful.

Then one of the boys dropped my PN-20 and now the back doesn't stay closed right. And the signal never got any better.

Is there a "no good deed goes unpunished" award ?