2011-09-03 45 -122

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Sat 3 Sep 2011 in 45,-122:
45.6181910, -122.0483631

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Near Skamania Elementry School



My plan is going to the Skamania Elementry School ballfield's deep center field. I'm running out of time, so I'll fix up the page later. If I don't go there on the way to my granddaughter's b'day I will on the way home. kydlt


Expedition: morning[edit]

I rushed by on the drive in to P's dance recital before her b'day party. The school is right on my way if I go in WA 14. But the gates were locked.

How can they lock up a school ball diamond on a sunny Saturday ?!? But here is where I messed up.

I went to the back corner, by deep center field, to get as close as I could and maybe find a break in the fence.

I left a marker and took photos. But with the glare, and my rushed state of mind, couldn't see the GPS display clearly. I just went to where Google map made it look like I should go.

Then now, processing photos, it seems Google lied (No surprise really) and maybe I made it, or could have.

So check the track log. AAARGH, I didn't turn it on. NEVER RUSH ! Maybe I can go by on the way home. If it isn't dark.


Expedition: evening[edit]

OK, I did better on the way home, HOWEVER the fence was still in the way.

I feel that if I waited for poorer satellite geometry I would have been there. I.e., the hash was just outside of my GDOP.

But I felt so much better going back and correcting my glaring morning mistake.



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