2011-09-02 54 -110

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Fri 2 Sep 2011 in 54,-110:
54.6219680, -110.8018681

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30km from the worksite





Located only 30 km from my worksite, this hash was too nice to pass up.

After supper at the camp, I drove through the security gate and down the road to the location. Sadly the light green field that looked like a meadow on Google maps which the hash point was only 200 m into turned out to be a swamp! Oh well... My kingdom for a hovercraft.

The wellsite that I'm working on just happens to be on an air weapons range, so military security does random inspections. I've never had one until tonight.

First off, I was still wearing my camera around my neck so I could quickly pull over and grab a photo of one of the many bears around here. I was scolded for this by the guard with the mustache.

Next, I couldn't produce my company vehicles registration. It wasn't in the glove box. So now I get to have a complete vehicle search.

Soon into the search the short stocky guard found a Nalgene bottle. I found this bottle on another expedition (add link) in the dark and brought it back and put it in my truck... hash in, trash out.

So anyway the guard is about to open the bottle over my passenger seat. I kindly ask him not to, since I don't have the faintest idea what is in it. Bad idea. He sniffs it then quickly shuffles over to mustache guard who sniffs it. I reach out to grab and sniff it too and find he's got a death grip on it.

The mystery liquid is pink coloured and smells of stale kool-aid and forest. I tell them my story of acquiring said bottle. Of course they don't believe me and then make me stand in front of my vehicle.

They impounded my truck and I needed to call a coworker for my shameful ride back to work. At least it's a good way to tell people about geohashing. -- B cereus @54.7945,-110.3706 00:32, 3 September 2011 (EDT)



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