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Tue 30 Aug 2011 in 42,23:
42.1029855, 23.4723830

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The hashpoint is located in a field, near a small village near Svoge. It is quite hard to reach, due to private properties and fences


Joro and Ani


The target is around 60 km away from sofia and we're leaving around 13:00, so we plan to be there around 14:00


  • Starting point: City Center Sofia
  • 12:00 :: Go time. Me and Ani meet at the City Center. We drive around Sofia to pick up some stuff that we are going to need, and check where the actual hashpoint is.
  • 13:00 :: We exit Sofia, have the route planned in Google maps on my Nexus S, and start taking pictures
  • 14:30 :: We arrive at the village where the hash should be. The road was way worse than expected, and it took us quite longer than expected to arrive. But we took a lot of pictures with the beautiful scenery from the car
  • 14:40 :: We decide to park the car in the middle of town, and go on foot. It seems that the hash point is on a ridge in a small forest.
  • 15:00 :: Turns out that the hash point is beyond some people's private property, and finding a suitable route to go there without trespassing will be problematic
  • 15:40 :: We finally manage to reach the immediate vicinity of the target spot. The android GPS updates quite slowly though, and with a huge error bar. We get as close as possible to the spot, which is on a steep hill. Nevertheless, we decide to stay there for a while. We take some pictures, and find out that we can't really take a picture of the phone with the phone.
  • 16:30 :: We start packing and making our way back to the car
  • 16:45 :: Start the engine and back to Sofia
  • 18:00 :: Arrive at NDK and disband the party.


Joro & Ani earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (42, 23) geohash on 2011-08-30.