2011-08-28 26 -80

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Sun 28 Aug 2011 in Palm Beach:
26.2265003, -80.1970353

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At the back end of an empty space in an upscale (but almost completely vacant) trailer park in Margate, FL.

Expedition Reports[edit]


As far back as the 1970s, I remember noticing the development in Margate with an oddly circular arrangement and streets named "Sundial Circle", "Aztec Blvd.", and "Cortez Drive" on maps, but I've never actually gone there or even known exactly what it was, until today's hashpoint turned up there. Turns out it's a huge trailer park, but a rather upscale-looking one, complete with a large clubhouse, pool, tennis courts, and other facilities. Unfortunately, it also seems to be almost completely deserted; nearly all the spots are empty, and I didn't see any signs of intelligent life anywhere. It was like a Twilight Zone episode, where I wandered through a nice, neat, clean, well-maintained town with no sign of humanity anywhere in it. It wasn't abandoned or derelict; in fact, it appeared to have had major renovations very recently, since all the infrastructure (pavement, street signs, street lights, etc.) was shiny and new, and the lawns were neatly mowed. They just need some actual residents. In today's economy, I don't know if they'll get them.

The hashpoint was at the back of one of the empty spaces, easily reached without anybody to look suspiciously at me, despite all the signs about there being a Neighborhood Watch patrolling the neighborhood.