2011-08-27 49 10

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Sat 27 Aug 2011 in 49,10:
49.1807526, 10.0797592

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A industrial park in Satteldorf, near the highway A6. The hashpoint was in a hall of a building material factory.


Steingesicht took a break on his journey at the highway.


I had to go on a journey from Stuttgart to Leipzig. The evening before I checked the graticules on my way and found two geohashes near the highway, so I decided to take breaks at these places.

The weather was rainy and too cold for August and the journey was boring me. So I appreciated every little distraction.

According to google-maps this hash seems to be in a field - so I thought it should be easy to reach the point. But reality was different.

I stopped my car near a factory and walked around to search for a possibility to access the hashpoint. The closest point I could reach was about 75m far from the point, then I was stopped by the fencing of the factory. A little later I found an open gate - but I resist to enter the premises.



Steingesicht earned the No trespassing consolation prize
by almost reaching the (49, 10) geohash on 2011-08-27.
2011 08 27 49 10-viewtohaspoint2.jpeg