2011-08-27 49 -123

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Sat 27 Aug 2011 in 49,-123:
49.1807526, -123.0797592

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The algorithm must have made a mistake. Vancouver has been given an accessible Saturday geohash only 7.8 km from Wade and Robyn's house.


In a bush by a commercial property on Delf Road, in Richmond.




Wade and Robyn will be there at 4 p.m. With cookies, maybe.


Wade and Robyn go swimming on Saturday mornings, so we just added a couple of things to our swimming bags and headed for the pool. Robyn swam 950 metres and Wade didn't count, but he did chat up at least two women who weren't his wife, the second one better looking than the first. There was also a large purple inflatable dragon in the swimming pool. When Robyn walked towards it on the deck, the lifeguard told her to go the other way. It wasn't obvious how to get to it the other way, so Robyn swam towards it, at which point a lifeguard told her that it was only for people twelve and under. Robyn politely asked when the schedule was for forty and over to go on the big purple dragon, but the lifeguards told her there was no such time. Wade and Robyn got dressed and embarked on the next phase of the journey.

We biked down Heather, across the Skytrain bridge and through Richmond, only getting lost in a subdivision once before arriving successfully at the coordinates.

Thepiguy arrived a few minutes later, replete with geosquishies. Thepiguy drove home and Wade and Robyn biked home. Wade got tired.

Persons of all ages, genders, races and fashion senses are welcome at geohashing events.