2011-08-26 45 -122

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Fri 26 Aug 2011 in 45,-122:
45.1911786, -122.7893606

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In the yard of someone South of Willsonville



The real original plan was that I was going to be in Boston today, but trouble getting a ticket resulted in my still being in Portland today.

Then I was going to go after work, but some issues with Hurricane Irene disrupting air travel delayed me further.


After I sorted out the issues with cancelled airline flights, I headed south. I was looking for a little break after a rather long and trying week.

Rather than taking the backroads, I decided to stick to the main route so I wouldn't have to think as hard, and I was hoping it would be faster. The route was really pretty clean with only a couple of turns.

I followed Google directions, but in the gathering gloom missed the left turn off the highway. (Actually, I had pulled into the weigh station on the other side of the road to check the directions as well!)

I found the next left, realized it was the wrong one, and backtracked to the correct one. My GPS lead me to the correct spot, but it was too dark and late to be wandering into or near the house/front yard to access the hashpoint, so I turned around and headed home, settling for only 60 feet to the hashpoint.


  • No Trespassing