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2011-08-26 -37 145

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Fri 26 Aug 2011 in -37,145:
-37.9035423, 145.1313293

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[edit] Location

In a suburb called Notting Hill, near Monash Uni. The hash-point was located directly inside a warehouse.

[edit] Who went

I investigated the location but found the exact hash-point too difficult to reach, being inside a warehouse that was in use at the time. Instead I had a look from the nearest approach: a barbed wire fence.

[edit] Expedition

Before heading off to my mum's work for lunch I decided to check the geohash and was so excited to see it was in her office! Much to my disappointment I then realised it was actually a block away in a street that had a similar sounding name. Not to be deterred, I decided to head over there after my sushi lunch. It was quite challenging to determine exactly which drive way I needed to access to get as close to the geohash as possible. Whilst I knew it was inside a warehouse, I thought that I may be able to sneak between it and the property it backed onto. Sadly it was also lunch time for the staff in the area and I started to attract a few unusual looks as I took photos and drove into numerous companies' parking spaces to weigh up my options. In the end I decided I was not going to clamber over the barbed wire fence and break into the Monash storage facility, so instead I headed back home. A failed attempt, but exciting at how close it was to where I live.

[edit] Photos