2011-08-25 43 -90

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Thu 25 Aug 2011 in 43,-90:
43.7747264, -90.0248838

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The middle of a field/forest/something to which I couldn't get.


RocketMac - Heading home from Minneapolis to Milwaukee


The trip on Monday went so well, I decided to see if I could hit any hashpoints on the way back. Only two were within a reasonable distance. It was going to be later in the evening maybe even dark, but I decided to try.


Before I even left, I knew I wouldn't get all the way to this one. I hadn't calculated just how far off I would be. I just wanted to try.

It was already late and I was tired. As my GPS told me I was approaching the spot, I pulled over. It was just as I expected. I was two tenths of a mile away and looking at map after map, there was no safe way to get to the spot. It was too close to train tracks and too far from any roads.

It was a good excuse to stop driving and re-focus my mind, though. Exactly what I wanted on a long drive.


My log for the trip is available in GPX and KMZ formats



RocketMac earned the There might be alligators! consolation prize
by being prevented from reaching the (43, -90) geohash on 2011-08-25 by an impassable and unforseen route with too many hazards and no roads (and probably lurking alligators).