2011-08-22 48 8

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Mon 22 Aug 2011 in 48,8:
48.7009626, 8.9826446

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Sindelfingen, in a parking house of the Daimler-Benz (Mercedes) factory. Due to rebuilding, the actual coordinates may not have been reachable.


Ekorren was there, but probably not exactly at the coordinates.


  • went there by bike. It was hot.
  • Nothing indicated that this parking area would be non-public, so I just went on.
  • Tried to visit the hash, but there was no GPS reception in the basement of the parking house. No time for proper triangulation, so a rough guess of the hash location must be enough.
  • continued to Stuttgart (but not all the way by bike due to time constraints)
  • back by train all the way, due to small gear damage. Spare part was available in my own stock ;)