2011-08-21 51 23

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Sun 21 Aug 2011 in Chełm, Poland:
51.0653852, 23.4279147

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Nice sunny sunday, my sister visiting us again with her husband. As usual, after the dinner we check for geopoints aaaand it's close enough to go there with the bikes! But then again the dinner was so good and we feel so lazy, that we decide to once again use a car. And so, after 10 minutes of ride we are there! No surprise again - the point is on the field, well almost on the small field road, but the crops are gone anyway. Few pictures and we're going back - on the way passing once again local academic airport (http://lotniska.dlapilota.pl/depultycze-krolewskie)with few new display airplanes - I was able to recognise MIG among the others.