2011-08-14 45 -122

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Sun 14 Aug 2011 in 45,-122:
45.3078350, -122.8894935

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[edit] Location

In a wooded area near Newberg, Oregon

[edit] Participants

[edit] Plans

The hashpoint is somwhat near the Farmer's market, so I'll head to the hashpoint after Market. (a week late...)

[edit] Expedition

This retrohash followed the hashing of 2011-08-20 45 -122 in Garden Home.

I headed off to this hashpoint, thinking it would be pretty quick.

However, Hwy 99W is never very quick. I finally made it to the other side of Newberg, and after missing the correct turnoff, turned around at a Winery.

I headed up a steep and winding road, and eventually hit what I thought was the correct driveway. I parked on the side of the gravel road, and headed the (long) gravel drive to ask permission to cross into the, errr, heavy woods in search of the hashpoint.

Since I was on my way, I proceeded to the door to ask permission, but I wasn't sure anymore I actually wanted it. No one was there, much to my relief, so I headed homeward. I got some very pretty pictures of the area, as well as a snow-peaked (piqued?) Mt Hood. There were nice views over the valley as well.

As I came around the next curve, I realized that the next house might have better access to the hashpoint. I pulled into the gravel area behind the bulldozer. (Bulldozer? This doesn't bode well.) At first the house actually appeared to be a road maintenance area, but there was what appeared to be a house behind it. However, the house appeared to be under construction, so I wasn't hopeful. There was a dog barking in the house, but, due to construction on the front steps, I couldn't actually get to the main front door, and didn't get an answer at the side door.

I wasn't really interested in going into the woods from this side either to be honest, so Mother Nature won and I headed home.

[edit] Photos

Uploading needed. Nice landscape shots.

[edit] Achievements

  • No Trespassing