2011-08-14 43 -123

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Sun 14 Aug 2011 in 43,-123:
43.3078350, -123.8894935

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Actual: Deep in the Coast Range, in Coos County.

Perceived: Near Drain, Oregon.

How embarrassing. It would appear that we were actually attempting to get to yesterday's hashpoint. We got within 220 feet of that. We didn't get anywhere near today's actual hashpoint.



On the way through the graticule, we pulled off of Highway 99/38 between I-5 and Drain, driving down a very small road to a gated logging road. We hiked up the logging road, but the "actual hashpoint" was deep in a very dense thicket.

Except, it seems that the so-called "actual hashpoint" was yesterday's hashpoint, so I'm an idiot.



  • I'm crediting this fiasco as our first attempt at Douglas County, since that's where we were. The real hashpoint was in Coos County, it appears.