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Tue 9 Aug 2011 in Regensburg, Germany:
49.0458297, 12.0792654

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In a field between Kareth and Lappersdorf, just north of Regensburg.

Tomcat and dawidi[edit]

... went to the coordinates in the evening, incorporating it into one of their traditional after-work geocache rounds.

On the way they had to pause a few minutes before getting to the hash, taking cover from a short, but intense rain shower; after it stopped raining, a beautiful, complete rainbow appeared over the landscape. Stomping through the recently tilled and very sticky field, they found a heart-shaped Google maps-style marker at the exact coordinates. dawidi was pretty excited and totally forgot to take a picture of the GPS.

A film canister on the back of the marker contained written greetings to them, from mojibake - she had reached the hash two hours earlier, and luckily also remembered to photograph her GPS for proof :-)

After a few minutes, Tomcat and dawidi went back out of the field, partially moved the mud from their shoes to the road/cycleway and continued their geocaching round.

Handheld panorama from the hashpoint
Hashpoint rainbow, all the way! What does it mean? :)