2011-08-04 45 -122

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Thu 4 Aug 2011 in 45,-122:
45.8287344, -122.7391480

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In someone's backyard in Ridgefield, WA.


  • frogman
  • Red-Mekanik
  • dark_matter365


We decided that this was a good day for our first Geohashing expedition. We left from Portland around 10ish.


We all piled into Red-Mekanik's car (I wasn't sure what to call my expeditionary partners, so I used the usernames that I've seen them use on other websites) and headed up I-205 into Washington. We decided to do the navigating entirely by coordinates - the GPS was not configured to direct us onto the correct roads. This led to a rather roundabout approach to the hashpoint, but we got there without any major problems.

The hashpoint was in the backyard of a house on the outskirts of Ridgefield. We parked in a gravel road about 400 meters away from the house and continued on foot to the front door of the house. We knocked, and after about 30 seconds of wondering whether or not anyone was home the homeowner answered the door, accompanied by a young girl of somewhere between 5 and 9. I'm bad at judging the age of younger children.

The homeowner looked at us like we were insane (we are) while we fumblingly tried to explain what we were doing. She reluctantly let us walk into her backyard and take a goofy picture. She was worried and asked us whether she was going to get any more odd visitors such as ourselves - I suppose not everyone takes having the hashpoint in their backyard as a blessing!


My fellow geohasher still has the pictures on his phone. He will send them to me as soon as possible.


  • First ever geohash for all three of us
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by obtaining permission to access the (45, -122) geohash on 2011-08-04.
  • Land geohash