2011-08-03 53 -1

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20110803 53 -1 PrimePoint.JPG

Wed 3 Aug 2011 in 53,-1:
53.1063683, -1.2701771

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At a gatepost of a house in Sutton in Ashfield, Nottinghamshire, UK.




Originally it looked like Monty could wander down first thing in the morning, being currently in the habit of waking early, but The Best Laid Plans, etc, so he went down after work.


Pretty much a non-event, the travel there and back. Around 30 miles down the motorway from Sheffield, around 3 miles off towards Mansfield and then south towards Kirby-in-Ashfield (not sure that this isn't more accurate than the Sutton-in-Ashfield one, actually) before turning into Frederick Avenue.

Not wanting to disturb the home-owners (it was, after all, a point more or less outside their property), the immediate realisation was that no tripod had been brung along, so balanced the camera on the opposite gatepost to the one that I considered the hashpoint, careful balancing and aiming taking up most of the time. Curtains swished and the lady of the house had obviously spotted the activity, so started to write on the bits of paper I had with me for a quick "sorry for any disturbance" note.

Mid authoring, the man of the house emerged from a side-door (to, it later turned out, bring the car into the driveway from the road), and a long conversation along the lines of "There's this mad thing I do..." "But why?" "Well, just because", and so on occured. Quite friendly, but I know who was the more bemused.

So, anyway, back to the motorway, back to Sheffield, back home, but only two days later was this report written up.


No tracklog.


More photos (need better editing) when there's time to upload them.


TBA, standard Land/No Batteries ones.