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Tue 2 Aug 2011 in 51,12:
51.5473116, 12.5236232

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Some meters into a field near Brösen, north of Leipzig.



Reinhard drove to Leipzig after work to visit Manu and to go on a geohash bike ride together with her. (copypasting the last expeditions again ...)

This time the hashpoint was even further from Manu's home, which lead to the decision to leave Leipzig by car (driving 19 km) and go on a shorter bike round trip (41 km) from Mocherwitz, so it wouldn't get too late and dark. The hashpoint was found about 30 m into a field, which wasn't clearly to recognize as being planted or not planted, which is why Manu and Reinhard set their steps carefully between the small and unknown plants. Coordinates reached.


Coordinates reached.  
Reinhard and Manu at hash.  
Manu coming back from hash.